Anxiety & Panic Attacks


I have multiple friends that have anxiety so I’m hoping I can share this with them/ help some of you guys reading too.

Anxiety is purely a feeling of worry/ nervousness. It affects a lot of people in the world but all you have to know is you’re stronger and can over come this. Something that comes along with anxiety is panic attacks. Panic attacks can come in many forms not just ‘crying and shaking’ people that think otherwise make me want to puke.

For instance panic attacks can take to the form of…

  • Anger/ irritability
  • Stumbling over your words/ stuttering
  • Maybe you can’t talk at all.

this one happens to me, but basically it’s like you’re frozen, you can’t do anything it’s almost like ‘staring into space’

If you feel as if you have anxiety or you need help with panic attacks, be sure to tell a doctor, get help before it gets too bad

Panic attacks can happen anywhere

At home, in bed, in a plane, in a club, at school. Anywhere and EVERYWHERE. Panic attacks can strike.

To over come a panic attack some things that can help certain people are going for a walk, letting the fresh air hit you can instantly be calming. It used to help me when I was younger. Focus on nothing but your breathing pattern, you can get through this. You know what to do because you are a strong person.

You are brave, don’t let anxiety control what you do, just say yes to some things you won’t regret it. You’ll only regret the opportunities you didn’t take. Just don’t let panic attacks ruin your self esteem, you are amazing, you are talented. You’re anything you want to be. Just think about your health. You can stop anxiety with the right treatments and techniques.

that’s all I know really, I hope this has helped someone. I wish you guys luck and hope you all have a good day/night

Love you guys ❣





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