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Book Review. Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter



Today I wanted to talk about SprinkleOfGlitter – AKA Louise’s – book, I have yet to read all of it because of school but some of it I read when I needed to, as something I love about this book is it is organised so you can read a paragraph when you feel necessary.  it is an eye catching book, every page is as bright and colourful as the first. I feel like that’s partly why I like it as it draws your attention to the page and makes you keep reading, I have a short attention span so colour and pretty decorated pages help with that.

As soon as I got the book the first page I read instantly was in the ‘need to know’  section. It was the bullying and surviving education which gave me the confidence I have now. Louise really has a way with words. She gives some personal expierience to try and let people know they’re not alone. She also gives you advice on what to do. It’s not just serious things like that. This book also includes

  • DIYs’
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Confidence
  • And All about love.

One final thing I absolutely adore about this book is the little pages with a quote filling the page infront a pretty background (as shown at the top. ) Some don’t even have writing on, but I thought I’d add this in for everyone who appreciates pretty photography or little cute quotes 🙂

I would give this book a 10/10 as it has everything you need to know about (more or less) Plus it has helped me a lot with confidence and just simple things like shopping and makeup.

Hope you enjoyed reading!




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