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The Miranda Sings Awards!


So today i am going to be doing the Miranda Sings Awards!

So lets get started!


* Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you. 

* Include the featured image on your blog post.

* Nominate 10 bloggers (as many as you can think of) and link your nominees in the post.

* List 7 things you love about yourself! (This can be your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc…)

* Don’t use negative connotation. (I.e Don’t say things like — I’m prettier than an average person or people have told me I’m smart. You are pretty, you are smart.)

The 7 Things I like about me are:

1 – I’m a very honest/real person. If you ask me how you look i will be 100% completely honest with you.

2 – I love writing. I love the idea of making up crazy stories and writing about things I know and am comfortable sharing.

3 – I love being in front of a camera. Not in a cocky way, but normally I am very shy so when I’m in front of a camera and feel comfortable I get really excited and love it!

4 – My eyes! This is a little different from like hobbies, I love the colour of them, sometimes they’re blue sometimes they show as a greeny colour.

5 – I am happy with what I have. I never want anything unless it’s food haha

6 – I have a very weird sense of humour, i laugh at everything but I definitely know when it’s all gone a bit too far.

7 – I can stick up for myself. I have learnt not to take anything from anyone, and I for one am very proud of myself!

I am not going to specifically nominate people in case they don’t feel comfortable doing this challenge/tag thing! So if you’re reading this right now and you want to feel more positive, please do have ago at this tag because I tag you all! muhahaha. I hope you did enjoy learning a bit more about me, and that you enjoyed reading!

KThxBye ❤



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