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SuperDrug Haul!


So today me and a few of my friends went to town, we went all over the place but I only bought some products from SuperDrug which most of you should be pretty common with! (As you can probably tell I popped into WHSmiths as well)

img_3967Starting with the odd one out, Username Evie:

I don’t have much to say about this as I have only just bought it, but from what I can tell you is it looks absolutely, insanely amazing! The cover work is fantastic! I must say I have read the thank you’s which are also cute! I am really looking forward to getting time to look at it. (This was the last one in WHSmiths so me and my friend raced for it!)

img_3968Zoella Beauty:

I adore Zoe and her constant effort and work she has put into these products, They’re absolutely amazing!

I don’t think I have ever said this, but the ‘Kissy Missy’ lip balm smells so sweet and is really moisturising, You can really work with the colour, like if you don’t want a strong colour you don’t apply a lot, but then you can apply more to intensify the colour!

‘Foam Sweet Foam’ smells like absolute heaven! It is such a refreshing fruity scent! The packaging is so eye catching and beautiful! The packaging is also quite a unique thing to me as I haven’t seen many shower gels with bright blue and pink packaging haha!

The ‘Let’s Spritz’ body mist has quite a strong smell, it isn’t as sweet as the other products which I am thankful for as sweetly scented perfumes make me sick! The packaging is stunning! I love the floral design to pieces! Again this packaging is very unique and bright and I just love it!

Zoella Beauty Bag:

This was by far one of the hardest choices in my life to make! I could have got the pretty lace collar purse, the pink favourite things bag, but in the end I decided to go with the ‘Wink Wink’ beauty bag. I find it cute how when  you tilt it, it winks. I love the blue polka dots that go very well with the white. The eyes just pull it all together really!


Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipgloss:

This was a very brief quick choice. But it was extremely worth it! I picked up the shade ‘Berry Picking’ Which is a dark red/burgundy colour which I love ever so much. The packaging is so elegant and just simple really but it’s very cute!

img_3972My Friend also gave me these from a little pointless book tin, You get to decorate Nala’s background which is extremely adorable!

These are what the gorgeous Zoe’s ‘Kissy Missy’ (First pic) and the lovely Tanya’s ‘Berry Picking’ Look like on me (I know right, totally model material ahaha)

This was kind of a lengthy blog post but I hoped you enjoyed!



8 thoughts on “SuperDrug Haul!

  1. oh great.. I love the zoella shower gel and spritz there sooooo good… I needa try the kissy missy and username evie but Tanya did amazing I got some of her olds and her new packaging ones 😀 great

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