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Easter Rice Krispy Treats! 


Happy Easter! 🐰 I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

So yesterday I watched Zoella’s new video and got really inspired to try and make these delicious treats!

You Will Need!

90g Butter 

260g Marshmallows 

1tsp vanilla 

1tbsp butter 

170g Rice  Krispies 

And any decoration of choice, for instance I used smarties, mini eggs and SPRINKLES!

First of you need to add your 90g of butter to a sauce pan, leave that to melt.

 Then you add half of your marshmallows, it is better to use mini marshmallows but I only had large so I cut them in half, and a tea spoon of vanilla extract, stir that as it melts then add your other half of your marshmallows! Keep stirring until most of them are melted but a few haven’t

 Once you’re at this stage, take your marshmallow butter mixture off of the heat, then add your 170g of Rice Krispies and stir them through until it is all combined.

 Now is the fun part! CONFETTI AKA Sprinkles haha, this is an optional part but really have fun with it. Stir them all through until your happy with how it looks

 now this part (which I didn’t do) which is VERY IMPORTANT use some grease proof spray or paper and put/spray it onto the bowl you want to add your treats to. Which proves to be very difficult for me haha, this is also the time I took to decorate it with mini eggs and smarties to make it look just that little bit better!

 Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes up to an hour, as mine felt ready to cut but was actually sticky at the sides after 30 minutes.

 Cut them up and present them how ever you want my uncle cut mine up and since they were sticky he put them in a circle so I used my remaining mini eggs and turned it into a birds nest haha!

Mine is still in the fridge at the time which I am writing this but I am positive that it tastes nice as I couldn’t help but try it!

I hope you all have had/ have a lovely Easter depending on when you read this xx

KThxBye ❤️


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