Ambitions ~ Dreams. 


So I’m a bit slow on updating… So what, kill me lmao.

Now this was the first blog post I ever planned to do but didn’t, as I wasn’t sure if it would be what you all wanted to read. But I did a poll on Twitter and most of you said you wanted it.


The strong desire to do and or achieve something. Everyone has different dreams and stuff that they want to achieve. 

For an example, I really want to achieve good grades and get into acting. I was (and still am) a little insane in the head but like any child I was always  very fond of acting things out and role playing whilst alone.

Another would be to start YouTube (see a theme is going with cameras haha) I have so many inspirations who do YouTube. One of which inspired this whole blog.

Now I’m very ambitious, but some people are just plain cocky. There’s a fine line between ‘I want to be an actress, because I want to entertain people and inspire people’ and ‘I want to be an actress because I would look so attractive on the big screen and I’m full of myself and I’m amazing and I’ll do it all before you, everyone will love me. 

  • So my best advice if you want to be ambitious, is to try your hardest, if you work hard enough you will reach the things you want in life. 

Just Say Yes. 

  • If you never push yourself out of your comfort zone at least a little bit (for me a really little bit) then you’ll never know what you are really capable of.
  •   DON’T PUSH YOUR LUCK. NO ONE LIKES COCKY PEOPLE UGH. Well I know I don’t ahha. This one sounds so like boring and like ‘oh how creative Kota!’ But in all honesty be yourself, and wait. Something amazing is coming your way, it might not seem like it but I never said it was gonna come quick!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and click of this blogpost either knowing something you didn’t before or with a smile on your face 🙂

What’s your biggest dreams in life? 

KThxBye xoxo


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