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Top 5 Makeup Essentials 


So yesterday I was watching Zoella’s videos and got the idea to do a top 5 makeup essentials.


A must have is definitely an eyebrow kit (which I lost the brush to) so I can’t do my eyebrows properly ;-; but your eyebrows bring out your face really nicely 🙂


Don’t lie. Everybody needs just that tiny bit of coverage without over doing it haha.


Now I have said this because with lip balm it moisturises your lips without being too bright, there are also pigmented lipbalms like Zoe’ ‘Kissy Missy’ (see where I got the idea from 😉 )


I think eyeliner really pulls any makeup look together if you have the tolerance to be able to do it, which I do not, but when I do it just feels like everything is completed and perfect. It makes your eyes look a lot wider.


Now I have to say this because without it I am a literal mess. I look like a milk bottle and it is not a good look. Adding at least just that tiny bit of colour makes a huge difference

I hope you guys agree somehow haha and I also hope you’re all having a wonderful day, ily all so much.



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