Alton Towers + OOTD


Today’s blog post is rather exciting (to me at least haha) My auntie, little cousin and I went to Alton Towers!

Let’s start shall we 

Now I know I look awkward but I’m wearing 

T-shirt- Primark

Leggings- Next

Jacket- George

When we got there we spent 30 minutes walking around in circles looking for ‘Galactica’ as my little cousin is too much of a wuss and too picky for anything else lmao.

After minutes of searching… We didn’t find it at all! So instead we went on Thirteen which we went on twice as it was the only good ride he allowed us to go on!

Now I love this ride a lot! I think it’s just the Adrenaline.

When the sky ride thingy was back open we went up to Forbidden Valley… I believe in which we found Galactica 

Now I hated Galactica, the Oculus Rift kept coming undone and I didn’t like not being able to see what was going on. We ended up going on it twice as my little cousin loved it. 

Also the Galactica 

We went on this one twice also (don’t ask me how my day was because it wasn’t boring but the smiler or the oblivion would have made it better le sigh)

Spin ball Whizzer was also great but I got thrown about like a little rag doll.

This was another ride I absolutely hated it made me feel sick and just ugh I can’t even remember the name of it haha!

The highlight of my day though has got to be the donuts, 10/10 would recommend xD

So all in all, my day wasn’t terrible but if my cousin would have gone on more things it would have been a lot better



4 thoughts on “Alton Towers + OOTD

  1. I really don’t get these oculus things on rollercoasters, like the view already was awesome why make it virtual reality? Also I get sick in an Oculus so for me it would mean that I can’t even ride the Galactica 😦

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