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Zoella Beauty! Sweet Inspirations Review 


NOWWWWW I have been waiting to write this for the longest possible time! Now I apologise as its a little later than 5Pm but this is the Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations range! 

Let’s start shall we with the Candy Clutch

Now I love this. This design is so me! You can use it half full or all the way full, I have put all of my most used makeup products in which wouldn’t fit into my Wink Wink bag. (Makeup palettes etc)

Next up is the Life Is Sweet purse 

This is my most used product as I take it to school everyday! I use it for my money and like superdrug cards etc but this would be really good for hair clips! I love the colour of it and it’s quite small so it can fit in any bag. 

Where do I start with the body mist. Zoë has chose the perfect sweet scent, if I could I would smell like this all day everyday. It is sweet but it isn’t too sickly which is what I love. 

Before I talk about the actual product I would like to state that I adore the packaging so much! The scent isn’t over powering and it soaks into your skin really quickly! But just a tip, a little goes a long way! Do not use too much of this or else you will never EVER rub it in haha

now I love the concept of bath ‘lattes’ don’t ask me why (probably because I’m in love with food and drinks haha) this is the only product that doesn’t smell of Macaron (I’m not complaining!) but this scent is Sweet almond cacao and honey in which I love. May I also point out that on the back it says ‘Your body will love you a latte!’ That pun just makes me love it that little bit more!

the last thing I bought (I didn’t buy the bath salts or bath fizz as I don’t have a bath) was the body fondant! LET ME TELL YOU NOW I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS!’ The smell is once again macaron which is my favourite scent ever. Once I applied the product it stayed on for 6 hours! The scent remained strong and it’s just worth every penny.

SOOOOOOO yeah that’s all I bought, I must say that I adore every single product and am so impressed at how amazing Zoë is! She just comes out with more and more surprises every month!

Thank you guys for reading and I will see you soon



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