My (tiny) Nail Polish Collection! 


First off I want to apologise for not uploading a blog post last week. I had tests all week haha!

But today I am going to show you my Nail Polish collection, I have only just got into painting my nails  because I am not really that girly nor do I have time for that haha so let’s get started!

I don’t have many but this is my small collection! From left to right these look like.. (yes I keep them in an adorable af cupcake :3)

Now please ignore the bright pink I lost it and can no longer have it with me haha. My favourite ones are the Cyan, purple, the sparkly one and the copper one 

These ones are from Pound Land and these are my favourite ones to use as the brush is really nice, the colours are gorgeous and very pigmented! 

These ones are my Sunkissed ones, I find these adorable they’re so small and cute. You can pretty much store these anywhere!

These ones are my ‘I don’t really have a category for these’ polishes haha The bronze/ copper one is Astor, the middle one is glamour girl and the pink one (my least favourite) is by Miss sporty! 

SOOOOoo yeah I hope you did enjoy reading and I’ll see you soon (hopefully) probably next week 



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