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Quick, small makeup wish list! + Life update


So today I wanted to give you guys a quick update! Before I start the I want to start saying whether the cover image belongs to me in which this one does not. I found it on google.

Let’s begin! I found all of these from Zoella’s makeup tutorials so yeah go check them out for awesome makeup suggestions 

The first thing I need is some new eyeshadow primer. I found this on Selfridges! It cost £18! It is anti ageing in which I don’t need but it doesn’t bother me haha

The next thing or things I need are new makeup brushes so I discovered this bundle by sigma. £138 for 12 brushes isn’t that bad but is still a little on the high side!

This kit includes

E05 – Eye Liner:

E30 – Pencil

E40 – Tapered Blending:  

E55 – Eye Shading: 

E60 – Large Shader: 
E65 – Small Angle:
E70 – Medium Angled Shading
F30 – Large Powder
F40 – Large Angled Contour
F50 – Duo Fibre
F60 – Foundation: 
F70 – Concealer
I copied all of that because effort 🙂

The last thing I really have always wanted is a Kabuki brush! Which I love saying haha. It is £24 and I believe it is the F82 brush.

SOOOOO yeah I hope you guys enjoyed! Now before I go I just wanted to apologise for not being active. I haven’t been too well and neither has my mum who I care for. She has been to hospital but she is fine now! I will try to upload as often as possible. Thank you! 



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