School Trip! : BarnsleyFC + Thank You’s x


So last Friday my form won a special end of the year trip to go to a football stadium in Barnsley. Now I may not support any football teams or like football that much but it was pretty cool! 

When we arrived we went to the Astro turf! Now this is where we went to our activities if you wish to call it that. But the choices were: Cheerleading/dance, Media (sports reporter) or football. I chose football because I thought it would be funny in which it was! Also because my two friends Caitlin and Chaz (Chardonae) chose it but shh

After failing at football (I hand balled the ball, don’t ask) it was time to go on a tour of the stadium. Basically this consisted of sitting in basically all of the areas of the stadium whilst a woman talked about it. It was still better than football though. I also discovered that I have a fear of stairs, you know without railings…

After that it was time for FOOOD in which I ate two sandwiches And a cupcake haha

This was indeed where we ate which was fancy
Me and Caitlin
Me,Caitlin and Chaz
My dinner haha
The bar

After all of that it was time to go home, but before we could, Caitlin Chaz and I had to get a picture with the cup! 

I look horrible and awkward in these.. Also you cat tell but Chaz ruined the photo by not having the same shoes as me and Caitlin 🙂 

On the way out we passed through the stadium and had to stop to have a massive group photo (look close enough and you’ll see the teachers with cameras 

I never know how to end these but I hope you guys enjoyed reading! If you have any suggestions or feed back be sure to comment! And I hope you all have a lovely summer 

 ONE LAST THING! Thank you all so much for 40 followers it means so much to me! Love you all x


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