Yorkshire Wildlife Park


So I finally went to a Wildlife park for the first time, yesterday!

I went with Barnardos as part of a reward for taking part in a group.

It took about 30-40 minutes to finally arrive but when we did the first thing we saw were the Meerkats! 

They were right next to the entrance in a little fence. 

We then proceeded to go and see the lions!

The majority of the lions were female for some odd reason. They didn’t do much just layer down and relaxed really.

These two were right next to the lions for some reason :/ 

Next we got to walk through and stroke the wallabies! This was amazing and just they were cute and very social 

This last one was so close to me but just ran off after :L

There was another part of the park that was like a walk through but but this time it was with lemurs! The only two you could see were on the top of this hut but there were apparently ‘way more’

Now this was my absolute favourite bit and that was visiting the polar bears as all you could see at first was a massive white fur ball popping over the hill hahaha. The thing is though I can actually tell two of them apart, Victor was the massive one that came close and there was the second biggest one called Pixel, which I didn’t get a photo of sadly.

 The ones swimming were siblings Awh. 

These were all in the same section, Ant eaters, armadillo, and a monkey lemur thing. 

Otters are actually really amusing and I didn’t really notice until now.

They have a weird way of sorting animals but the camels and giraffes were near each over. Something funny that happened whilst seeing the camels was my friend said ‘Awh look a baby camel’ and some really satanic devil child said ‘mmmmmmm nom nom’ weird but it happened haha

The last thing we went and saw were the Tigers in which one of them roared/growled and a child around the age of five asked what it said so my friend turned to the child and said ‘mmm nom nom’ Safe to say the child burst into tears…

I hope you enjoyed reading and I apologise for not updating last week.



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