Top 5 Favourite Youtubers!


Today I have been searching through blog posts to get some ideas and i found something from my friend Sophie – ImaZalfieFanatic ‘s blog, which you should check out, and that was listing my top 5 favourite youtubers!

Now i’m not going to list people like Dan, Zoe, Joe etc because that’s obvious haha

1. MaxImBady:

Now he followed me on twitter and he is by far my favourite out of all of these people. He has a great sense of humour and will cheer you up instantly!

2: Jessica Kim

She is a new youtuber and she has a small but amazing beauty channel! So if beauty is your thing then check her out 🙂

3: AshleyMarieeGaming

She is pretty much a gamer, she does some vlogs and QnA’s every Saturday. I have been watching her for quite some time now.

4: LDShadowLady:

She has quite a large channel but she still deserves mentioning! She is another gamer, who is mostly a minecraft gamer  but she does do a few other games

5: Madeyewlook

She is the best makeup artist/ beauty guru i have ever seen in my life! her makeup looks are absolutely amazing and i really do recommend her!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and check some of these amazing people out and i will see you soon!



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