The Buddy Project


So recently I saw this account going round Twitter @ProjectBuddy and basically what this account is about is helping people with mental health issues. 

Whether that’d be Bipolar, Eating disorders or Anxiety. The Buddy Project is there to spread advice and help people meet others. 

If you go to you can sign up to get a buddy. This basically allows people that have difficulties talking to people or people who want a new friend to find another person. You get to choose a main interest and backup interest and there are many interests to choose from.

You can also sign up to meet multiple people if you sign up to a groupchat which is basically the exact same thing apart from you have to choose one interest. 

The founder and CEO of Buddy Project is @Gabby_Frost and she is always there to help.

Right now The Buddy Project has a Tshirt on sale to help people be aware of mental health. Which are $16 and will be continued to be sold until September 2nd. The link to this are = 

Noooone of these pictures belong to me btw! They’re from the buddy project Twitter page!

So yeah! I hope you go and check them out if you are having a bad time! The reason I made this post was because I saw a lot of people on my timeline and I know some of my friends suffer with bad mental health and meeting people. So I hope this helps everyone become more aware, or happy!

As stated by buddy project themselves this isn’t a replacement from Therapy. 



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