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AVON Skincare routine/review!


I apologise for my absence of blogging! From now on I have decided to blog whenever I have an idea! I will try to aim for once a week, but we will see.

So about a week ago I got some new skincare products from AVON, I wanted to share these with you today to tell you if they’re worth it!

I am going to mention these in the order I use them!

The first one I apply is the Pore penetrating black mineral mask. Now I find this quite tricky to apply, the consistency is very strange and doesn’t go into the skin easily, but once you manage to get it onto your face, it does actually make a difference!

The next one I go for is the blemish clearing 3 in 1 cleanser, scrub and mask. Now I only use this as a mask and may I say it feels wonderful on the face and very refreshing, but I can not stress to you enough, DON’T PUT THIS NEAR YOUR EYES! This face scrub/mask has really strong minty fumes/minty scent and it is guaranteed to make your eyes sting a little, but it is entirely worth it because it does feel lovely on the skin and really refereshing.

I don’t have much to say about this mask, but basically this is the blackhead clearing mask. This feels so light on the skin which is wonderful! It is so easy to apply and it doesn’t seem to crack for me (this is definitely a plus) 

Last but not least, the blackhead clearing white clay treatment! You do have to shake this well before use as the clay sets at the bottom, you apply this with a cotton wool ball and it makes your skin feel so so soft! It’s by far my favourite out of these products.

So yeah! The photo above the white clay treatment is basically the finished product I guess. All though alone they all have certain things wrong with them, if you use them all together for a couple weeks you do see some results and your skin will feel amazing!


Pore penetrating black mineral mask.

Blemish clearing 3 in 1 cleanser,scrub and mask

Blackhead clearing deep treatment mask

Blackhead clearing white clay treatment



13 thoughts on “AVON Skincare routine/review!

  1. Great post! I bought the blackhead clearing 3 in 1 white clay cleanser. I’ve used it few times so far but I like the consistency and my face feels refreshed after using it and also the fact you don’t sit long with the mask on lol!

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