Coming Soon…


Hello to everyone that often reads my blog posts because I know it’s only you guys that will read this!

I want to thank you all for 60 followers! This is basically a life update so you all understand what’s going on. 

I have come to a desision that I am only going to post when I actually feel like it. I’m in no way going to pressure myself into writing when I don’t want to, because I feel like it really shows in my writing. I want this to feel like a hobby and not a job.

I feel like this school year is very important to me, as last year was my first year in this school and this year I’m being told ‘if you don’t get enough pledges you can’t graduate into next year’ So this year I’m actually going to give 100% in all of my school work, which will probably be very stressful, so I won’t be posting as often. 

Next year is the year I will be starting my mock GCSE’s so I don’t want to miss out on 5-6 weeks of that because I didn’t graduate. This year I want to try be successful in time for next year! 

Coming soon seems like a scary, anxious thing to say, but I promise there will be nothing but positive, happy, fun blogposts coming up! I do hope that in my upcoming posts you can actually tell that I’m not stressed and rushing my writing for any reason, because that’s my main goal. 

I hope you all have a lovely day/night and I will see you soon ❤️

KThxBye x


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