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Christmas Wishlist 2016


For those of you that don’t know, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It is by far the best holiday all year. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, here are a few things i’m hoping for this year!

1. Little Mix – Our Worldlittle-mix-will-release-a-book-titled-our-world-01

Slight warning, I want a lot of books this year.

Little Mix is by far my favourite band at the moment, I love how inspiring they are and I have supported some members since the X Factor days – Perrie and Leigh- I stopped watching the X Factor half way through so I missed out a bit. I slowly became obsessed in 2012!

2. Joe Sugg’s – Username Regenerated. 


This only recently came out i believe. I have been a massive fan of Joe Sugg since early 2014! I own Username:Evie so i just have to find out what happens next, all of my friends actually already own the book, so I am a little bit late, but we will get there!

3. Zoe Sugg – Girl Online Going Solo



This is yet to be released, but when it is I will definitely have to pick myself up a copy! Once again I own both Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour so it would bug me if i didn’t find out what happened to Penny! I’ve been watching Zoe a little bit longer than Joe, Starting in mid 2013,  and I am so proud of how far she has come, she has had an amazing journey.

4. Zoella – Pamper Hamper709713-bg16-zoella-pamper-hamper-_lr_rgb_sdrug

Now I love everything Christmas, so when I heard Zoe was bringing out a hamper of ginger scented products lets just say i got a little ahead of myself. I don’t normally say need when i’m talking about things i want, but I NEED this more than I have ever needed anything in my life.

5. Zoella – Once Upon A Time & She Designed A Life She Loved. ctiqzngwcaeqtooscreen-shot-2016-09-16-at-14-58-27

I love writing, as you can probably tell, but I’ve been told by teachers, friends and family that I am quite a good story writer so the Once Upon A Time book would be fantastic for me.

I adore the quote ‘She Designed A Life She Loved’ It is by far my favourite quotes ever. I feel like I really need to organise homework and stuff like that this year, and my planner isn’t really working. So sticky notes would be a wise thing to buy!


Little Mix Our World

Joe Sugg Username Regenerated 

Zoe Sugg Girl Online Going Solo

Zoella Pamper Hamper

Zoella She Designed A Life She Loved

Zoella Once Upon A Time

So yeah! I hope you guys enjoyed reading through my sort of YouTube based Christmas Wishlist. I also hope you see something that you feel like buying/ have already bought because that would be great.

What’s in your Christmas Wishlist?




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