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Hot Chocolate Orange.


So let me start of by saying it was quite late when I made this so I couldn’t get good enough lighting to use for the pictures so I got them from Google 😀

This is a really simple thing to make so let’s get started!

All You’ll Need Is:

1 Small Pan

1 Chocolate Orange

1 Wooden Spoon

And Some Milk


So I put my pan on quite a low heat, so that my milk didn’t burn!img_2047

That ended up being a gas mark too high! My milk was near enough to burning so I had to turn it down, I can’t stress enough DON’T BURN YOUR MILK! So by the time I added my first few chunks of chocolate orange, my milk was too hot so I took it off the stove and added the rest of my chocolate orange. It did melt because my milk was boiling. May I add that there is no exact measurement of how much chocolate to use, just keep testing it to find out.img_2048

As you can see on this photo, around the edge of the pan, this is where my milk started to burn. But all went well! Now I left mine to cool for a bit, by that I mean I got distracted with twitter for a while. But I would suggest drinking it whilst it’s hot because obviously it cools quickly!img_2049

Pour it into your favourite mug/cup and it’s ready to drink. Of course you can have whipped cream, marshmallows, crushed nuts and more! But i preferred it plain. It is way better to make your own hot chocolate because it tastes way better than any hot chocolate I’ve had before, and now I can finally say I’ve made home made hot chocolate before which is pretty cool!

Thank you for reading and I will see you next week!



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