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Questions & Answers | Blogmas?


So I want to apologise for not posting a lot this month, It completely stressed me out, but next month i think i might try Blogmas. I’m not saying I’ll be Zoella level and do all 24 days, in fact I’ll probably be Joe Sugg Level and do like 3-5 days!

So I asked around for some questions and I’m going to answer some! 

1: Favourite Country? 

Well I’ve not really been to another country so I’m not sure… I’d love to go somewhere quite cold though!

2: Why do you love Matt Terry so much?

Well! He seems like such an amazing down to earth person and he just seems to be so kind and caring. He’s so talented and he has the voice of an angel and he never fails to impress.

3: What’s your favourite beauty product?

Possibly Tanya Burrs Liquid Lipstick in the shade mRhubarb and Custard’

4:  What is the best beauty advice you can offer?

Please blend

5: How is school at the moment?

Very stressful.

6:When was the last time you cried and why?

My uncle got sent this message on the PS4 from a random person calling his a ‘stupid little bastard’ and I cried laughing whilst reading it!

7:What’s your favourite food?

I’m not sure, I’m very very picky haha

8: The last film you watched?

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

9: Who’s your favourite YouTuber and why?

Apart from the Suggs, at the moment I’m loving DazGames because he’s really funny and he speaks the solid truth so yeah.

I saved the best question for last…

10: Do you love Rebecca?

YES! Of course I love you Rebecca, you are amazing and I’m so lucky to have you in my life ❤️

So I hope you learnt something you maybe didn’t know about me before or that you enjoyed reading and I will see you all soon



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