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What I bought my friends for Christmas.


Welcome to Day 2 out of 10 Days of Kota! I hope you liked the introduction! 

Do this is going to be a really quick blogpost just basically showing you what I got 2 of my best friends for Christmas.

So to start off, I got my friend Caitlin something Zoella because we are both huge fans and she offered to buy me something from Zoella’s range so obviously I had to get her something back.

I went with the gingerbread and vanilla set as I have smelt the products myself and I happen to think they smell absolutely gorgeous. Caitlin and I are very similar so I hope and pray that I did well!

Now for my friend Rebecca, I went for something Tanya Burr, just to be different. Now me being me nearly bought her something she was already getting, so I had to ask, so in the end I ended up buying her 

Tanya Burr’s sealed with a kiss bag. I thought this was really cute and it comes with a lip liner and lip gloss and I thought the colour would suit my friend so much.


Tanya Burr sealed with a kiss bag

Zoella Gingerbread and vanilla gift set

So yeah, the whole point of this blog post was to say that it feels so nice, minus the anxiety and confusion of what to get people, to give gifts and see people’s reactions. So yeah I will see you guys tomorrow! 



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