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Christmas Gift Guide Under £15


Welcome to day 4 Of 10 Days Of Kota!

Today I will be sharing with you my last minute gift guide for gifts under £15!

1. Zoella Gift Set – £10img_2458

Now I know I bought this for my friend and If you have read my other blog post for day 2 then you will recognise this and the next gift! But I had to include it because the scent is gorgeous and so is the packaging. It’s worth every penny!

2 Tanya Burr Gift Set – £12.50img_2456

Just getting the obvious ones out of the way/ the ones I have already talked about on previous blog posts! But I love the bag I think it’s so cute and the lip gloss shade is so pretty.

3. Small Yankee Candle (Christmas Cookie) -£9.11


My cousin was the first one to introduce this scent to me and now I absolutely adore it! It is one of my favourite scents.

4. Cookie In A Jar – Free – £12.99 (New Look)10eb9c8f5b05ef3ff82ebc687d35fab6

Now I saw these in New look and I loved the idea of it so I had to add it in here as it would make a perfect gift for somebody! You can make endless combinations on your own, or of course you can buy them if you please!

5. Make up revolution ultimate eye shadow palette – £109040163143710

This explains itself. Half price. 144 eye shadows for £10 I’m pretty sure we all know someone who loves eye shadows!


Zoella Gift Set

Tanya Burr Gift Set

Small Yankee Candle (Christmas Cookie)

Make up Revolution Eye Shadow

I hope this helped you a bit with your Christmas shopping and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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