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Christmas QnA


Welcome to day 5 Of 10 Days Of Kota! We are halfway there. Which means It’s time for…

A Christmas QnA.

This is a collaboration with my close friend Ell, also known as DaisyChainBlogs, so be sure to check out how she answered these questions below!

1.What has been the best present you have received?

I have had loads but I remember when I was around 6-7 my mum bought me this little play hospital little animal set and I was obsessed!

2.When do you normally get into the Christmas spirit?

Normally like a week or two before December even starts!

3. What’s your favourite Christmas song? 

Well you will find out in a couple of days!

4.What do you love the most about Christmas?


5. What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Well if you read yesterdays blog post, you will already know that I am Grinch obsessed.

6. What’s your favourite Christmas decoration?

Well my Nannan bought me these key rings, and there’s a diamond, A red heart, and this little plastic anime type doll dressed in pink. I don’t think my Christmas tree would look complete without having these on the tree.

7.How would you describe the Christmas feeling?

Very Festive and Joyful. With a little bit of Anxiety 😀

8.What do you most want for Christmas?

I could really do with some new makeup brushes!

9. What advent calendar have you got this year?

I don’t have advent calendars because I open all the doors on the 1st of December ahha

10. Do you have any Christmas Traditions?

I don’t really know if this counts but instead of Christmas Dinner, We have Chinese food… We started doing that because of My Auntie Sheila’s dinner she cooked… Please don’t haunt me Sheila!

11.When have you started decorating?

We started decorating on the 28th of November haha!

12. Are you excited for Christmas this year?


13. What’s your favourite Christmas scent?

Maybe like a gingerbread or cinnamon

14. Favourite thing to do at Christmas?


I hope you enjoyed reading, be sure to check out Ell’s Blog post, I will leave a link to her blog some where in this post, so make sure you go and check her out!



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