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Rebecca’s Christmas Get Together 


So today (last Saturday for you) I went to a little Christmas Party/ Get together at my friend Rebecca’s house! 

I feel like writing about this because I haven’t been true to myself and the only time I really feel like myself is with these people! 

I arrived at 5:10 and at this point in time everyone was getting ready. It was quite hectic as we had Kinga who was not only getting dressed but also applying makeup. I was also messing about with Christmas headbands and hats.

These are a few of the amazing people that I had to get a selfie with including Abbi, Leah, Kinga, Chaz and REBECCA

We had party food and we were laughing and messing about whilst listening to music. This included a quick fight with my friend Fallon on who was more ‘Perrie Edwards’ hahahaha

After that we played a few games of heads up for actually no reason. It was actually quite fun. I also had my annual TINSEL CROWN!

I also managed to make a new best friend (our weddings in June) his name is Henry!

And last but not least this is the final squad we have going! Me Leah Rebecca and Fallon, currently I am writing this at Rebecca’s house as we are having a sleep over!



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