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Christmas Hot Chocolate


Welcome to day 9 of 10 days of Kota!

As you may or may not know, I made a chocolate orange hot chocolate in October! 

So this month I have decided to make a Christmas hot chocolate

All you’ll need is


White Chocolate ( any Chocolate of choice)

Pepper mint extract 

Pour your milk into a pan on a medium heat! 

Let that get hot, then you can proceed to break up your Chocolate into little squares.

Add them to the pan and continue to stir , don’t give it chance to stick to the pan and burn because it doesn’t smell nice! 

Once all of your Chocolate has melted, you should be left with something that looks like the image above. 

Add your peppermint extract to your taste, and stir on a low heat.

Gently pour your hot chocolate into a mug. Enjoy as is ir add some decoration!

I added these snowman and Christmas tree shaped marshmallows (which came in this cute stocking)


This is absolutely gorgeous!

Depending on how much chocolate you have, it will be stronger or weaker. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and try this yourrselves! 



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