How I clean my makeup brushes!


Today I have a short blog post on how I clean my brushes. Now I don’t know if this is just how I do it, or if it’s slowly breaking my brushes haha but I’ve been doing it like this forever!

All I use is a cup of lukewarm water, and some kind of liquid soap. So for example right here in using Cussons imperial leather but I’m pretty sure you can use anything!

Basically all I do is dip my brushes into the water and let them soak for a minute or two 

I then proceed to add some soap to my hand, once I’ve done that I swirl the brush into my palm. 

For some reason I really like doing this, I just like watching  all of the product come off of the brush into your hand. It’s weird but it’s a fact.

After that, I rinse off my brush and set them on a towel, I repeat that with every single brush I have.

Bonus – how I clean my beauty blender

All I do is I get hot water and add it to a cup with my beauty blender. I add my liquid soap and squeeze all of the access foundation out of my beauty blender. 

Once again, clearly I’m not a professional haha. I might be doing things completely wrong but I don’t really care, it’s how I’ve always done things!



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