A Weekend Getaway!


So for those of you who don’t know, I was inactive on twitter from Thursday until Sunday. Basically I went camping (glamping) with my friend Caitlin and her family.

So I thought I would show you guys some photos that I took!

Most of these bags, believe it or not, are Caitlin’s ahah

She’s gonna kill me for this but this was before we left!

Now bare with me, but Caitlin’s cousins boyfriends family collects guns and swords and knifes, which is pretty cool.

Now on day 1 we went exploring away from camp (as people were only just setting up there tents) We ended up finding a huge house with a gorgeous ‘secret garden’ and some old train tracks.

Day 2 was when most of the fun happened, we got our faves painted and held guns at our camp site. We went to different stalls and played some games like hook a duck and hook a bag. We even got to go on some rides that were there!

Me and Caitlin in front of the Land Rover!

This is where we slept and we could watch movies so we ended up watching ‘Cabin in The Woods’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

Lastly on day 3 we didn’t do much. We had to leave at 10 and we woke up at 8 so we had 2 hours to wake ourselves up and eat breakfast.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading! I’m so sorry for the slow updates but my laptop doesn’t charge and my phone is slowly breaking and going slow, so it’s driving me insane to write this. I’m sorry if it’s horrific it’s just frustrating me to write a lot!



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